What would happen if the Moon will suddenly disappear?


Many of us know that the Moon is the Earth’s natural satellite. But not all of you know what would happen if the Moon was no more longer on the sky.
Firstly, almost everybody knows that gravity plays a huge role in the connection between the Earth and the Moon. The oceans closer to the Moon have a stronger gravitational pull and that causes the appearance of tides. So, if the Moon disappeared, we would have certain changes in tides, but this wouldn’t cause their total disappearance, as the Sun also influences in this case our planet.
What would happen if the Moon will suddenly disappearThere would not be any nights. In the past, Earth was rotating much faster on its axis than today. Before creation of the Moon, Earth had only six hours. The existence of the Moon stabilizes the Earth’s speed rotation. Every day, the blue planet is transforming its rotational energy into the Moon’s orbital energy, which makes it move. So, if the Moon did not exist, the process of day-night succession would stop.
Moreover, our favorite seasons would disappear. The Earth’s axis is tilted. But if the Moon disappeared, this tilt may change suddenly. The fast change can have devastating effects on the planet. I bet you wouldn’t like to feel on your skin the changes that could produce if Antarctica pointed straight at the Sun for 24 hours a day, plunging North America and Europe into eternal darkness…

What prefers to drink and eat the greatest man in the world


The greatest man in the world, Barack Obama, has food habits which he strictly respects!
"U.S.For example, every evening, the American President has as snack seven slightly salted almonds. Also, Barack Obama drinks seldom coffee, preferring instead water.
The favorite dish of the chief of the biggest power of the world, as he declared, is broccoli.
As well, Obama likes to have at dinner salmon, arugula salad with grilled mushrooms and goat cheese, Vietnamese rice, and he mentions that he is a fan of spinach. Of course, like the majority of Americans, Obama will never refuse a healthy burger.
One of the most favorite restaurants of the USA President is the Italian Fiesta Pizzeria, from Chicago, where he often orders thin-crust, crispy pizza, covered with lots of vegetables.
Barack Obama is crazy about the organic tea Black Forest Berry Honest Tea, which is not so easy to find.
Reggie Love, who was the right hand of the then American senator Barack Obama, revealed in his memories “Power Forward: My Presidential Education” some of the culinary preferences of the actual president:

  • No gum wrapped in paper, just in plastic boxes;
  • No candies in “trail mix” (combination of dried fruits, seeds, nuts and sometimes chocolate);
  • No energy bars with fruits;
  • Salads just in urgencies, because they are hard to eat in car;
  • Instead, sandwiches are ideal for this purpose;
  • Barack Obama hates mayonnaise;
  • Grilled chicken or fish;
  • No fried food and no sodas;
  • Green tea or orange juice in the morning.

Who is the biggest mass murderer in history? The answer is nor Hitler, nor Stalin


Who is the biggest mass murderer in history? Probably, the majority think that Adolf Hitler, the Holocaust architect. The others would point to the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, who for sure killed more innocent people than Hitler did.
hitler-stalinBut Hitler, as well as Stalin, were beaten by Mao Zedong. From 1958 till 1962, the “Great Leap Forward” policy led to the death of 45 million people, transforming it in the most bloody episode from the mass murders history.
Who is the biggest mass murderer in history? The answer is nor Hitler, nor StalinExploring the made recently public statistics, the historians tell that tens of millions of people were dying because of hunger. Another 2-3 million victims were killed through torture for any offense for which they were considered guilty. When a boy stole a handful of wheat, the local chief, Xiong Dechang, forced his father to burn him alive. The father died several days later because of suffering.

What was truly involving the “Great Leap Forward” was, until recently, not accessible for pupils. But historians’ study is noteworthy in the conditions in which it shows that the victims’ number could be much more than that known and that mass murder was premeditated from the beginning. There was even enough the figure which was known years ago, that was indicating 30 million victims, to make Mao guilty for the most bloody mass murder in human history.

Do you know the secret about walking on high heels easily?


Many men consider it funny to see a woman who wears high heels and cannot walk on them. However for any woman is very tempting to have several pairs and look like a top model, even if it may become a failure. Here are a few tips to help you to wear your high heel shoes correctly.
Do you know the secret about walking on high heels easilyTake small steps. In order to look more elegant you should make small steps and should not walk fast. Eventually try not to bend your knees more them necessary while walking. And if you want to wear high heels make sure you will not need to be in a hurry.
Do you know the secret about walking on high heels easily 1
Step from the heel to the toes. For a more natural aspect you should first step on the heel and then the toes. This will make it easier to walk and you will have no sore feet. Also hold your back straight. This will also ensure an impeccable posture. Walk in a straight line and always practice your walking from home. This will let the feet accommodate with the shoes and you will feel more confident.
Do you know the secret about walking on high heels easily 2Learn to walk on stairs, step on the whole foot when you go downstairs and on the toes when you go upstairs.  Also learn to stand on heels; this is just as important as walking. Position the heel of one foot to the middle of the other, thus making an open angle.
Do not always wear heels, or try to alternate with shoes with different heel sizes. This will allow you to get used to them easier, and besides, wearing heels permanently may damage your health.

Are they sisters? or Who is the mother and who is the daughter?


Sometimes there are cases when you see two women walking on the street who appear to be of the same age and could swear they are sisters, but then may be surprised to hear that they are actually mother and daughter. There are quite a few such cases and the only reasonable explanation for it, however fantastic it may seem, is that they know the secret of eternal youth.
case-1This is the case of the Swedish model Anna Nyström and her mother who look more like two sisters than mother and daughter. The model posted a few photos of her and her mother on Instagram and this created some confusion among those viewing the pictures because they were unable to understand who the mother was and who the daughter was.
case-2-horzAnother case that caused quite some commotion on the internet is that of the Mahomes family. All started when Kaylan Mahomes posted a photo with her twin sister and mother. The users who viewed the photo could not understand who the mother was and who the chidren were, all three women on the photo appeared to be of the same age.
yasmin-and-amber-le-bonAn interesting case is that of the British model Yasmin Le Bon and her daughter Amber. In photos where they appear together they look more like sisters, which is amazing since Yasmin is already over 50 years and Amber is just over 25.

Here are some other examples that may cause confusion to you, too.

Haven’t you seen yet the photo of Beyoncé and Jay Z that blew up the internet?


Beyoncé is very active online, posting new photos daily, but one certain picture arouse the interest of the internet users.
Beyoncé and Jay Z is one of the couples that share with the public countless moments from their relationship. This time, the photo demonstrates once again how “Drunk in Love” this couple is and that they know how to have fun.
Although Beyoncé is standing on the forefront, this time Jay Z, from the background, is the one who caught the attention. He is definitely looking like everyone of us when a friend asks us to take a photo of them.
This fact was commented and interpreted in numerous funny ways by the couple’s fans.
Beyoncé and Jay Z are together for 16 years, which seems a real eternity in the world of celebrity relationships. Even if the connection between the two singers has started to change in 2014, they still try to create the image of a blissful couple, returning to limelight in February of this year.

Nails’ styling change over the past 100 years


Since the beginning of the twentieth century, nails are treated with special attention. Nowadays, nails’ style plays an important role in lady’s outlook. It represents the high status and self-respect.
2016Moreover, an original style of the nails can attract the admiration of other people around. Besides the beautiful and aesthetical look of clean, healthy and polished nails, psychologists have proved that nail care raises your moral state. It is a great self-experience to disconnect from the unpleasant worries by giving you a short break by taking care of your nails. Nails’ style can speak a lot about you. For example, the shape and color of the nails can talk about your mood, inner feelings and your personality.

The majority of women (and a part of men) like a more natural look, but sometimes we feel that we want to look different and we start to change the color of the nails. Or course, you may opt doing your nails at beauty salon. But, if you have experience, you can create your own style and take care of your nails at home.

Below you can observe the evolution of the nails’ style. Over several years, nails’ style has changed a lot. It starts from the simplest to the most attractive style. The nails’ style is still evolving and we are sure that after a short period, people will find out about other new original nail style changes.

Have you heard about serious diseases and viruses with amazingly positive side effects?


Finding out that you suffer of a serious disorder can make you feel like it is pulled the rug out from under your feet. Surprisingly, some serious diseases may have side effects that sometimes can be positive! Of course, having bad health condition is not fun at all, however some patients try to find something positive in these side effects.
virusuriHerpes-Bubonic Plague
It is not easy at all to live with the virus of herpes in your body. But, strangely, if there would happen a bubonic plague breakout, those influenced by herpes will be the ones who will not be affected by this disease.

Tuberculosis is a disease which, if not cured, can lead to death. It affects lungs, but the consequences of this disorder can be observed on other organs as well. However, doctors say that people suffering from tuberculosis do not develop asthma.

Mumps-Ovarian Cancer
Scientists have discovered that the women who contacted naturally mumps, measles and/or chickenpox make some women immune to ovarian cancer.

I agree, hookworms are disgusting! But who knew that these nasty little buggers can be the cure for allergies?

Hemophilia-Heart Disease
Hemophilia affects just men, but if a woman has the disorder in her genes, then researchers have demonstrated that her risk for heart disease considerably lowers.

Top 5 most expensive food and drinks in the world


“Haute cuisine” dishes, cooked with comestible gold, or drinks sold in bottles created from the most precious metal in the world – all these are signatures of luxurious restaurants.
Today, we are going to show you top 5 most expensive food and drinks in the world.
…And there are not few people that are ready to pay much money to taste some unique culinary experiences.
1-acqua-di-cristallo-tributo-a-modigliani1. Acqua Di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani is the most expensive water. It costs more than £41.335 and this is because the bottle is made of 24-carat gold and contains a mix of Fiji and France’s spring waters, and actual glacier water from Iceland.
2. Chocolate Egg Dessert – sweet pampering which you can taste at the Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel, in Windermere for £24.115. In 2011, Chef Marc Guilbert’s creation, formed of four types of the best Belgian chocolate, jelly made from champagne, comestible golden leaves and caviar, in the form of a Faberge egg, was sold for a record price of £22.000.
3-almas-caviar3. Almas Caviar – this rare sort of caviar that comes from the Iranian beluga can reach your plate for £23.425.
4-fortress-stilt-fisherman-indulgence-dessert4. Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence Dessert, that means gold comestible leaves, Italian cassata, Irish cream, mango and pomegranate compote, Dom Perignon champagne, costs £9.990.
5-algonquin-hotel-martini-is-a-cocktail-known-as-engagement-martini5. Algonquin Hotel Martini is a cocktail known as Engagement Martini served with a diamond ring in the cup, can be yours for £6.890.

These images of celebrities are photoshopped way too much!


No matter how well looks a star, its photos for tabloids, ads and other publications will be photoshopped. It is observed from the almost unreal beauty traits of the celebrities on photos.
Here are several images that make us think that celebrities are pure perfection, while the reality tells the opposite.
britney-spearsBritney Spears
You can observe the removed lines, and the longer hair in the photoshopped image of the famous pop star. As well, her face has been reshaped.
jessica-albaJessica Alba
It’s not a secret that Jessica Alba looks in reality stunning, yet the Photoshop professionals think that her body needs a slight change.
You cannot hide your age… except if your face is enhanced in Photoshop.
laila-rouassLaila Rouass
This photo editor decided that the color of the outfit of Laila is not suitable.
matthew-mcfaydenMatthew McFayden
This is an example of how Photoshop can make any redness disappear. Also, the stars’ facial hair has become lighter and his eyes – bluer.
thom-yorkeThom Yorke
You could tell that the guy in the second photo is the result of a successful plastic surgeon of the guy from the first image.
christina-ricciChristina Ricci
Fuller lips and less puffy cheeks… Also, observe the more prominent eyes on the second photo and less prominent eyebrows.
george-clooneyGeorge Clooney
George Clooney looks awesome at any age. However, photo editors think that Clooney looking younger is a better option.
kim-cattrallKim Cattrall
Another example of “The younger – the better”.
avril-lavigneAvril Lavigne
The tip of the iceberg is this mistake of the person responsible for photoshopping Avril Lavigne for Maxim. I would not definitely want my image to get in the hands of such a specialist.