4 discoveries which nobody can explain


The history of the whole world is full of surprising mysteries whose revelation is not known when will be possible. But no matter of this aspect, it is not bad to know some of these curiosities.
So, here are just some of them:

1.The Underwater City of Yonaguni, Japan
The ancient location was discovered suddenly by the diving instructor Kihachiro Aratake. This underwater city has confused all the scientists who deal with ancient times. The fact is that this miraculous place was submerged underwater about 10 thousand years ago – the primitive era, when the scientists believe that people were still living in caves and were not able to build stone cities.

mohenjo-daro-the-mound-of-the-dead-pakistan2.Mohenjo-daro (The Mount of the Dead), Pakistan
The ruins of a great city were found in 1922 on one of the islands from the Indus River. Surprisingly, no one can explain how this location was destroyed and where its locals disappeared. The archeological works on this area have not shed light on this question till now…

lanse-aux-meadows-canada3.L’Anse aux Meadows, Canada
The researchers declare that there are no doubts that this location was founded by Vikings about one thousand years ago. This curiosity shows that the Northmen reached North America long before the birth of Christopher Columbus.

4.Stone-Age Tunnels
I bet you have not even heard or imagined to yourself that besides the roads, there is a whole network of underground tunnels across all of Europe, from Scotland to Turkey! The tunnels are thought to be dug in ancient times and it is not quite known their purpose.