7 cities that are paying to residents for living on their territory


Few people know that on our planet there are many cities that, for one reason, need residents. For living and working on their territories, they offer seductive sums.

detroit-michigan-usaDetroit, Michigan, USA
To gain its former glory, the government of Detroit has introduced a new program called “Challenge Detroit”, offering 2.5 thousand dollars to professional workers in various fields who dare to move and work in the city.

alaska-usaAlaska, USA
There is a special government fund, which pays to enthusiastic people for professional participation in their northern region life, whose population is declining steadily. The only requirement is to stay in Alaska for a year.

the-province-of-saskatchewan-canadaThe province of Saskatchewan, Canada
This Canadian province makes good offer to new graduates (not before 2010) who aren’t yet entirely clearly understanding what they are going to do in their life and career. Young people are payed with 20 thousand dollars for living and working in the city for 7 years.

niagara-falls-new-york-usaNiagara Falls, New York, USA
The government allocates to university graduates 7 thousand dollars as reward for working in local businesses near the waterfall for two years.

Ponga, Asturias, Spain
To attract young population and revitalize the local economy, the government offers 3 thousand Euro for each couple that will move to this area. In addition to this, there are made payments of 3 thousand Euro for every newly born child.

Utrecht, Netherlands
How will affect the financial support of 1 thousand dollars each resident of the city? This is a pure experiment initiated in the city of Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Curtis, Nebraska, United States
This small American town is offering free land to build a house in exchange for a good idea that will promote the development of local infrastructure and culture.