Admire the most beautiful beach of the year from Europe!


This year, the most beautiful beach from Europe was voted Stiniva from Croatia, a place with crystal clean waters and white sand, as well as a scene that takes your breath away. Once reaching this beach, you will easily understand why it won its title, being offered by the tourism organization European Best Destinations.
stiniva-croatiaIt is not so simple to reach this piece of paradise. First of all, the beach is situated on the island of Vis, more precisely on its southern part. Secondly, it is only accessible by hiking on a steep and narrow path, or by taking a taxi boat from the nearby Rukavac cove.

Another curious fact about this beach is that it is secluded with a sea entrance which is only 16 feet wide, creating a really breathtaking view!
stiniva-beach-from-croatiaBesides the beach, you could find another places worth to see like the towns of Vis and Komiza, or the vineyards from the North of Plisko Polje. It is easy to explore the island by a scooter.

If you have not still planned your vacation, then why not visit the spectacular beach of Stiniva and see with your own eyes the things for which it entirely deserves its title?