Cooking mistakes which you probably do without realizing this


Although you could think that you are guru in cooking and you feel like fish in the water in kitchen, it could be surprising for you to find out that you do some common mistakes while cooking. Here are some of them and here is how to fix them:

overcrowding-the-pan1. Overcrowding the pan
Be sure you leave enough space so that the food is not touching. The additional room ensures that the heat from the pan evenly distributes and the food is cooked from all sides.

2. Not putting salt in water
Salt flavors your dish, including the pasta. Without salt, pasta would be just like some bland noodles. But, it’s your choice how much salt you want in your dish.

3. Measuring dry ingredients in a measuring cup for liquids
While baking, you need to measure the ingredients correctly for a “tasty” result. For dry ingredients better use a kitchen scale.

putting-cold-meat-in-a-hot-pan4. Putting cold meat in a hot pan
It is recommended to let the meat come up to room temperature before cooking it. Thus it will cook more evenly, not being too overdone outside and raw inside.

5. Putting hot food in cold fridge
Leave enough time for your food to cool down before depositing it in fridge or freezer. If you need to put it quicker in fridge, then use an ice bath.