Do you use dental floss? After reading this article, you might NEVER use it again!


Dental floss was frequently recommended in the last 10 years by specialists. After each meal, we are used to brush our teeth, then use dental floss. But, it seems that the result is other than that promoted, because the efficiency of dental floss use has not been scientifically proven.
The journalists of The Associated Press analyzed 25 scientific studies from the last decade which were comparing the simple brushing and the brushing followed by dental floss use. However, they have not found concrete proofs regarding the efficiency of dental floss use.

In a study from 2015 it is remarked the “lack of effectiveness” of this practice, while another study, from the same year, concludes that “the most studies fail to demonstrate that dental floss is generally effective in removing plaque”.

As well, the AP journalists analyzed the studies quoted by the promoters of dental floss – the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Periodontology – that claim that using dental floss after teeth brushing prevents the installation of plaque, tartar, reduces the appearance of gingivitis and tooth decay. According to the AP, these studies were realized or for a short time (two weeks), or on a small number of people (25 subjects).

Wayne Aldredge, the President of the American Academy of Periodontology, recognized the insufficient scientific proofs  and the short period of the experiment when numerous studies had been produced. However, the effectiveness of dental floss could be higher for people who present a risk of developing gum disease, smokers and diabetics, he says.