Do you want to know how ancient women felt with the makeup from those times?


Have you ever wondered why Cleopatra was so popular among men and cats? Probably, the answer was hidden in the natural makeup which she was using. Several girls experimented some kinds of makeup rituals to show us how ancient women were applying the makeup in those times.

The first thing to mention is that makeup then was not coming in a grand variety of shades.

Also, the ladies applied a mask made out from honey and milk, as it is known that Cleopatra was taking honey-and-milk baths for beauty. Well, the result was rather sticky, the skin being similar to a “used bandaid”.

Lead cream and chalk, used for lightening complexions, proved to be messy as well.

Then, the girls tried some crushed blackberries on their faces, in particularly on cheeks. The berries were difficult to blend and the resulted puree dries fast but, although there were some practicality issues, in general, the women felt that this product at least looked like blush. The conclusion was that it looked especially gorgeous on dark skin.

The last touch was the use of kohl to line eyes and brows, which added too much thickness, so that you could not tell that your eyebrow is a fine line.

The whole “ancient beauty” experience was perfectly described in one sentence: It’s like trying to do the crossword with a pan.