Famous chefs use THESE tricks to make the food taste better


Those who like to cook for sure have lots of small secrets that transform simple meals into perfectness. However, famous chefs always have tips more than oysters in the sea.
We have gathered for you several tricks used by the senseis of Culinary Arts.
1.If you want rice to be white as snow, while boiling add a little bit of vinegar.
2.If you want to add a spicy note of garlic to your dish, grate a garlic clove on the plate, remove then the garlic and put on the plate the side dish.
3.If you would like to give a new taste to the marinade for meat, add to it some dark beer, or a combination of light beer with soy sauce, salt and pepper. Also, you could add beer to vegetable stew, including to boiled potatoes.
4.Liver should be salted only at the end of cooking, otherwise it will become hard to chew.
5.Cover the top of the pie with a wet sheet of paper, it not to burn.
6.If you will put an ice cube into your broth and will boil it, the broth will be more transparent.
7.To cut easily into slices a hard-boiled egg, wet the blade of the knife with cold water: thus the yolk will not crumble.
8.The beans will not get darker, if while boiling you will cover the saucepan with a lid.