For sure you would like to taste this new beverage!


Six innovative young men add color to the beverage obtained through the alcoholic fermentation of grape juice, conceiving a new type of drink: Gïk – the blue wine.

gi%cc%88k-the-blue-wine-new-beverageThe winemakers chose red and white grape clusters from the region of Basque Country, Spain, and combined it with an indigo color additive and anthocyan (pigment extracted from the juice of plants that offers red, violet or blue color to fruits), for creating a revolutionary wine with a surprising nuance of sapphire.

The company claims that the location and the variety of grapes are not important. What really matters are the people from behind the blue product, including here the cultivators, as well as the wine makers.
gik-blue-wineThe innovative entrepreneurs are all about 20 years old and have no qualification in wine trade, although they had a two-year-collaboration with the University from the Basque region to make the recipe of blue wine perfect.

The young men tell that they chose the color of the wine to be blue due to its symbolism, especially for the fact that this nuance “represents movement, innovation and infinity. It is also a color frequently associated with changing”.

The people who have already tasted this drink, tell that it is delicious. It is supposed that it is sweeter than red wine or the white one, even if it does not contain sugar. Each bottle has 11.5% alcohol and costs about USD 11, although for the moment the product is not available in the United States.
However, Spain, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Germany can order online the wine.