How would you react if you see you man one morning like this?


To attract people and to stay on highlight on Instagram and other social networks, men have invented something quite different – glittered beard. This style consists in covering the surface of the beard and/or eyebrows and/or hair with much glitter.
The first who came up with this creative idea was a pair, Brian and Jonathan from Portland Oregon, posting some photos on their Instagram called “The Gay Beards”. They explain this as a trend that makes men’s beard look charming.

After they gained popularity, they decided to make a tutorial to show how to make to look your beard like that.
The process is really simple. You can choose glitter of any color you like and just waste it all on the surface of the beard. The result is a colorful beard that loads your appearance with a lot of life and joy.

Some people seem to enjoy this new trend and they even try to follow it, but some think that this time fashion has gone too far.
glitter-beardThese sparkling things are transforming your facial hair into a Christmas accessory which can be matched with the color of your clothes. It looks that people are having fun and they are trying to introduce something extravagant in their lives.