Have you ever wondered that your favorite makeup artist could be a Man?


Do you think that makeup is something which just ladies could deal with? Well, we can easily demonstrate to you that it is not so and that makeup application is just pure technique that can be learnt by everybody.
But these men are not only good learners, they are true talents who know how to combine the cosmetic products to transform themselves or their clients in real queens, becoming over time renowned professionals in their area of activity.
So, here are some of the “bearded ladies” whose makeup tips you could follow:
1.Aiden (follow Aiden’s Empire on Instagram) – A pro freelance makeup artist who is followed by over 15 thousand fans.
2.Jacob (follow AndThatsJacob on Instagram) – a male beauty/makeup vlogger from Australia who comes with new beauty-related stuff every Wednesday and Sunday.
3.Brandon Nitti (follow Brandon on Instagram) – Another professional who provides the latest news in makeup every Thursday and Sunday.
4.Adam (follow Adam on Instagram) – I bet you would like to know even a tiny part about makeup as this guy knows!
5.Jose (follow Jose on Instagram) – if you are a fan of everything that glitters, then it is a MUST for you to follow the work of this makeup artist!
6.James Charles (follow James on Instagram) – a pretty young makeup artist from New York who creates miracles while doing glam looks.
7.Ryan Potter (follow Ryan on Instagram) – Ryan is quite new in this niche, but he is gaining popularity rapidly, because every brush becomes a magic wand in his hands.

These boys have added a new fresh touch to makeup industry. Find out more of them and be in vogue for every occasion.