If you are a fan of skulls, then this is the jewelry that has to be in your collection for sure


Jewelry from pearls is very popular and the majority of women even have at least a piece of it. They come in different colors and in various forms. However, I bet that you have not seen jewelry skulls made from pearls.
The creator of this remarkable jewelry is Shinji Nakaba, a Tokyo-based jewelry designer. He is calling his invention “wearable sculptures” and he practices this activity since 1974.7-carved-skull-pearlsThe jewelry produced by Nakaba is wearable. For making jewelry he is not using only pearls. Also, he is making different decorative objects, accessories and other things from iron, stone, glass, bottle, aluminum and other materials.
Nakaba’s goal is to show to the world that from a simple garbage material you can make something unique and beautiful. Shinji is selling his products online. On the back part of many skulls is written the word “Vanitas”, from Latin “vanity”. This inscription means the meaninglessness of earthly life and the fleeting nature of all earthly goods and pursuits.
While skulls, in general, symbolize death and fear, the main strength of these tiny skulls is to protect the wearer from sadness and from all negative vices that can domain him.