The most epic selfies which you have ever seen!


Internet is full with selfie photos. But we will show you 15 selfies that will impress you so much, that you would want to “Like” them twice.
if-you-are-in-danger-then-it-is-the-perfect-moment-to-make-a-selfieIf you are in danger, then it is the perfect moment to make a selfie.
make-an-ironic-selfie-to-encourage-your-disappointed-fansMake an ironic selfie to encourage your disappointed fans.
i-would-be-probably-too-excited-as-well-and-would-not-control-my-actions-if-i-coolio-accepted-to-take-a-photo-with-meI would be probably too excited as well and would not control my actions if I Coolio accepted to take a photo with me.
if-you-want-an-epic-photo-its-enough-to-make-a-selfie-with-your-favorite-singer-on-the-backgroundIf you want an epic photo, it’s enough to make a selfie with your favorite singer on the background…
this-guy-from-russia-will-do-everything-possible-to-get-a-big-number-of-likes-on-the-main-avatarThis guy from Russia will do everything possible to get a big number of likes on the main avatar.
if-leonardo-da-vinci-was-living-nowadays-he-would-appreciate-this-photoIf Leonardo Da Vinci was living nowadays, he would appreciate this photo.
this-selfie-from-the-top-of-the-christ-the-redeemer-is-vertigo-inducingThis selfie from the top of the Christ the Redeemer is vertigo-inducing!
politics-and-music-are-a-double-power-including-in-this-photoPolitics and music are a double power! Including in this photo.
japanese-astronaut-akihiko-hoshide-was-the-first-who-came-with-a-selfie-in-spaceJapanese astronaut Akihiko Hoshide was the first who came with a selfie in space.
concentration-is-a-must-when-you-are-surfing-through-a-tunnel-wave-and-take-a-selfie-at-the-same-timeConcentration is a must when you are surfing through a tunnel wave and take a selfie at the same time…
a-royal-touch-to-a-simple-selfieA royal touch to a simple selfie.
pain-is-not-an-obstacle-to-snap-a-selfie-in-particularly-when-its-not-you-who-struggles-the-painPain is not an obstacle to snap a selfie, in particularly when it’s not you who struggles the pain.
make-a-selfie-after-a-plane-crash-and-post-it-on-tweeter-to-demonstrate-to-your-mom-that-you-are-okMake a selfie after a plane crash and post it on Tweeter to demonstrate to your mom that you are OK.
mitch-callahan-wanted-to-show-to-people-what-kind-of-selfies-you-should-not-takeMitch Callahan wanted to show to people what kind of selfies you should not take.
another-weird-combination-of-gangsta-and-presidential-that-could-be-caught-in-one-pictureAnother weird combination of “gangsta” and “presidential” that could be caught in one picture.