These images of celebrities are photoshopped way too much!


No matter how well looks a star, its photos for tabloids, ads and other publications will be photoshopped. It is observed from the almost unreal beauty traits of the celebrities on photos.
Here are several images that make us think that celebrities are pure perfection, while the reality tells the opposite.
britney-spearsBritney Spears
You can observe the removed lines, and the longer hair in the photoshopped image of the famous pop star. As well, her face has been reshaped.
jessica-albaJessica Alba
It’s not a secret that Jessica Alba looks in reality stunning, yet the Photoshop professionals think that her body needs a slight change.
You cannot hide your age… except if your face is enhanced in Photoshop.
laila-rouassLaila Rouass
This photo editor decided that the color of the outfit of Laila is not suitable.
matthew-mcfaydenMatthew McFayden
This is an example of how Photoshop can make any redness disappear. Also, the stars’ facial hair has become lighter and his eyes – bluer.
thom-yorkeThom Yorke
You could tell that the guy in the second photo is the result of a successful plastic surgeon of the guy from the first image.
christina-ricciChristina Ricci
Fuller lips and less puffy cheeks… Also, observe the more prominent eyes on the second photo and less prominent eyebrows.
george-clooneyGeorge Clooney
George Clooney looks awesome at any age. However, photo editors think that Clooney looking younger is a better option.
kim-cattrallKim Cattrall
Another example of “The younger – the better”.
avril-lavigneAvril Lavigne
The tip of the iceberg is this mistake of the person responsible for photoshopping Avril Lavigne for Maxim. I would not definitely want my image to get in the hands of such a specialist.