Have you heard about serious diseases and viruses with amazingly positive side effects?


Finding out that you suffer of a serious disorder can make you feel like it is pulled the rug out from under your feet. Surprisingly, some serious diseases may have side effects that sometimes can be positive! Of course, having bad health condition is not fun at all, however some patients try to find something positive in these side effects.
virusuriHerpes-Bubonic Plague
It is not easy at all to live with the virus of herpes in your body. But, strangely, if there would happen a bubonic plague breakout, those influenced by herpes will be the ones who will not be affected by this disease.

Tuberculosis is a disease which, if not cured, can lead to death. It affects lungs, but the consequences of this disorder can be observed on other organs as well. However, doctors say that people suffering from tuberculosis do not develop asthma.

Mumps-Ovarian Cancer
Scientists have discovered that the women who contacted naturally mumps, measles and/or chickenpox make some women immune to ovarian cancer.

I agree, hookworms are disgusting! But who knew that these nasty little buggers can be the cure for allergies?

Hemophilia-Heart Disease
Hemophilia affects just men, but if a woman has the disorder in her genes, then researchers have demonstrated that her risk for heart disease considerably lowers.