Nails’ styling change over the past 100 years


Since the beginning of the twentieth century, nails are treated with special attention. Nowadays, nails’ style plays an important role in lady’s outlook. It represents the high status and self-respect.
2016Moreover, an original style of the nails can attract the admiration of other people around. Besides the beautiful and aesthetical look of clean, healthy and polished nails, psychologists have proved that nail care raises your moral state. It is a great self-experience to disconnect from the unpleasant worries by giving you a short break by taking care of your nails. Nails’ style can speak a lot about you. For example, the shape and color of the nails can talk about your mood, inner feelings and your personality.

The majority of women (and a part of men) like a more natural look, but sometimes we feel that we want to look different and we start to change the color of the nails. Or course, you may opt doing your nails at beauty salon. But, if you have experience, you can create your own style and take care of your nails at home.

Below you can observe the evolution of the nails’ style. Over several years, nails’ style has changed a lot. It starts from the simplest to the most attractive style. The nails’ style is still evolving and we are sure that after a short period, people will find out about other new original nail style changes.