Are they sisters? or Who is the mother and who is the daughter?


Sometimes there are cases when you see two women walking on the street who appear to be of the same age and could swear they are sisters, but then may be surprised to hear that they are actually mother and daughter. There are quite a few such cases and the only reasonable explanation for it, however fantastic it may seem, is that they know the secret of eternal youth.
case-1This is the case of the Swedish model Anna Nyström and her mother who look more like two sisters than mother and daughter. The model posted a few photos of her and her mother on Instagram and this created some confusion among those viewing the pictures because they were unable to understand who the mother was and who the daughter was.
case-2-horzAnother case that caused quite some commotion on the internet is that of the Mahomes family. All started when Kaylan Mahomes posted a photo with her twin sister and mother. The users who viewed the photo could not understand who the mother was and who the chidren were, all three women on the photo appeared to be of the same age.
yasmin-and-amber-le-bonAn interesting case is that of the British model Yasmin Le Bon and her daughter Amber. In photos where they appear together they look more like sisters, which is amazing since Yasmin is already over 50 years and Amber is just over 25.

Here are some other examples that may cause confusion to you, too.