Haven’t you seen yet the photo of Beyoncé and Jay Z that blew up the internet?


Beyoncé is very active online, posting new photos daily, but one certain picture arouse the interest of the internet users.
Beyoncé and Jay Z is one of the couples that share with the public countless moments from their relationship. This time, the photo demonstrates once again how “Drunk in Love” this couple is and that they know how to have fun.
Although Beyoncé is standing on the forefront, this time Jay Z, from the background, is the one who caught the attention. He is definitely looking like everyone of us when a friend asks us to take a photo of them.
This fact was commented and interpreted in numerous funny ways by the couple’s fans.
Beyoncé and Jay Z are together for 16 years, which seems a real eternity in the world of celebrity relationships. Even if the connection between the two singers has started to change in 2014, they still try to create the image of a blissful couple, returning to limelight in February of this year.