What prefers to drink and eat the greatest man in the world


The greatest man in the world, Barack Obama, has food habits which he strictly respects!
"U.S.For example, every evening, the American President has as snack seven slightly salted almonds. Also, Barack Obama drinks seldom coffee, preferring instead water.
The favorite dish of the chief of the biggest power of the world, as he declared, is broccoli.
As well, Obama likes to have at dinner salmon, arugula salad with grilled mushrooms and goat cheese, Vietnamese rice, and he mentions that he is a fan of spinach. Of course, like the majority of Americans, Obama will never refuse a healthy burger.
One of the most favorite restaurants of the USA President is the Italian Fiesta Pizzeria, from Chicago, where he often orders thin-crust, crispy pizza, covered with lots of vegetables.
Barack Obama is crazy about the organic tea Black Forest Berry Honest Tea, which is not so easy to find.
Reggie Love, who was the right hand of the then American senator Barack Obama, revealed in his memories “Power Forward: My Presidential Education” some of the culinary preferences of the actual president:

  • No gum wrapped in paper, just in plastic boxes;
  • No candies in “trail mix” (combination of dried fruits, seeds, nuts and sometimes chocolate);
  • No energy bars with fruits;
  • Salads just in urgencies, because they are hard to eat in car;
  • Instead, sandwiches are ideal for this purpose;
  • Barack Obama hates mayonnaise;
  • Grilled chicken or fish;
  • No fried food and no sodas;
  • Green tea or orange juice in the morning.