What would happen if the Moon will suddenly disappear?


Many of us know that the Moon is the Earth’s natural satellite. But not all of you know what would happen if the Moon was no more longer on the sky.
Firstly, almost everybody knows that gravity plays a huge role in the connection between the Earth and the Moon. The oceans closer to the Moon have a stronger gravitational pull and that causes the appearance of tides. So, if the Moon disappeared, we would have certain changes in tides, but this wouldn’t cause their total disappearance, as the Sun also influences in this case our planet.
What would happen if the Moon will suddenly disappearThere would not be any nights. In the past, Earth was rotating much faster on its axis than today. Before creation of the Moon, Earth had only six hours. The existence of the Moon stabilizes the Earth’s speed rotation. Every day, the blue planet is transforming its rotational energy into the Moon’s orbital energy, which makes it move. So, if the Moon did not exist, the process of day-night succession would stop.
Moreover, our favorite seasons would disappear. The Earth’s axis is tilted. But if the Moon disappeared, this tilt may change suddenly. The fast change can have devastating effects on the planet. I bet you wouldn’t like to feel on your skin the changes that could produce if Antarctica pointed straight at the Sun for 24 hours a day, plunging North America and Europe into eternal darkness…