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The most epic selfies which you have ever seen!


Internet is full with selfie photos. But we will show you 15 selfies that will impress you so much, that you would want to “Like” them twice.
if-you-are-in-danger-then-it-is-the-perfect-moment-to-make-a-selfieIf you are in danger, then it is the perfect moment to make a selfie.
make-an-ironic-selfie-to-encourage-your-disappointed-fansMake an ironic selfie to encourage your disappointed fans.
i-would-be-probably-too-excited-as-well-and-would-not-control-my-actions-if-i-coolio-accepted-to-take-a-photo-with-meI would be probably too excited as well and would not control my actions if I Coolio accepted to take a photo with me.
if-you-want-an-epic-photo-its-enough-to-make-a-selfie-with-your-favorite-singer-on-the-backgroundIf you want an epic photo, it’s enough to make a selfie with your favorite singer on the background…
this-guy-from-russia-will-do-everything-possible-to-get-a-big-number-of-likes-on-the-main-avatarThis guy from Russia will do everything possible to get a big number of likes on the main avatar.
if-leonardo-da-vinci-was-living-nowadays-he-would-appreciate-this-photoIf Leonardo Da Vinci was living nowadays, he would appreciate this photo.
this-selfie-from-the-top-of-the-christ-the-redeemer-is-vertigo-inducingThis selfie from the top of the Christ the Redeemer is vertigo-inducing!
politics-and-music-are-a-double-power-including-in-this-photoPolitics and music are a double power! Including in this photo.
japanese-astronaut-akihiko-hoshide-was-the-first-who-came-with-a-selfie-in-spaceJapanese astronaut Akihiko Hoshide was the first who came with a selfie in space.
concentration-is-a-must-when-you-are-surfing-through-a-tunnel-wave-and-take-a-selfie-at-the-same-timeConcentration is a must when you are surfing through a tunnel wave and take a selfie at the same time…
a-royal-touch-to-a-simple-selfieA royal touch to a simple selfie.
pain-is-not-an-obstacle-to-snap-a-selfie-in-particularly-when-its-not-you-who-struggles-the-painPain is not an obstacle to snap a selfie, in particularly when it’s not you who struggles the pain.
make-a-selfie-after-a-plane-crash-and-post-it-on-tweeter-to-demonstrate-to-your-mom-that-you-are-okMake a selfie after a plane crash and post it on Tweeter to demonstrate to your mom that you are OK.
mitch-callahan-wanted-to-show-to-people-what-kind-of-selfies-you-should-not-takeMitch Callahan wanted to show to people what kind of selfies you should not take.
another-weird-combination-of-gangsta-and-presidential-that-could-be-caught-in-one-pictureAnother weird combination of “gangsta” and “presidential” that could be caught in one picture.

10 most scary animals that will make you believe devil exists


sarcastic-fringeheadSarcastic fringehead
It is known to be aggressive and its large mouth makes you think that you could have a more peaceful death.
This is a species of spider combined with scorpion. I wish you did not want to meet such a creature in a dark night.
cthulhu-larvaCthulhu larva
These animals, known also as sea pigs, eat food particles from water. Although in reality it doesn’t show any danger, nothing can convince one that this creature won’t suck your brain out if given the chance.
goblin-sharkGoblin shark
The goblin shark’s laws extend dramatically when feeding, so do not fool yourself that the shark is quite far from you and cannot catch you…
giant-centipedeGiant centipede
This animal eats lots of other animals which may seem unpleasant for you like snakes, mice, frogs, bats. If I saw this centipede in my house, this would be the centipede’s house now…
promachoteuthis-sulcusPromachoteuthis sulcus
A surprise of nature is also this species of squid, best known for its seemingly human-like mouth.
star-nosed-moleStar-nosed mole
I bet you would not like this mole to “analyze” your face lightly with its “touch organs”.
deep-sea-hatchetfishDeep-sea hatchetfish
In opinion, this fish deserves the name of “soul-eating fish of the damned” rather than its actual name.
wrinkle-faced-batWrinkle-faced bat
Even if these bats are known to eat fruits, looking at them you may believe that they could suck your whole blood till the last drop.
barreleye-fishBarreleye fish
The specific characteristic of this fish is that its head is completely transparent, so you can see what is going on in its head for real… Not for nothing, the second name of the fish is spook fish…

If you are a fan of skulls, then this is the jewelry that has to be in your collection for sure


Jewelry from pearls is very popular and the majority of women even have at least a piece of it. They come in different colors and in various forms. However, I bet that you have not seen jewelry skulls made from pearls.
The creator of this remarkable jewelry is Shinji Nakaba, a Tokyo-based jewelry designer. He is calling his invention “wearable sculptures” and he practices this activity since 1974.7-carved-skull-pearlsThe jewelry produced by Nakaba is wearable. For making jewelry he is not using only pearls. Also, he is making different decorative objects, accessories and other things from iron, stone, glass, bottle, aluminum and other materials.
Nakaba’s goal is to show to the world that from a simple garbage material you can make something unique and beautiful. Shinji is selling his products online. On the back part of many skulls is written the word “Vanitas”, from Latin “vanity”. This inscription means the meaninglessness of earthly life and the fleeting nature of all earthly goods and pursuits.
While skulls, in general, symbolize death and fear, the main strength of these tiny skulls is to protect the wearer from sadness and from all negative vices that can domain him.

Secrets of the Hollywood Walk of Fame which I’m sure you didn’t know


Even if the Walk of Fame is a popular tourist attraction in Los Angeles and in the USA in general, I am sure that we will reveal to you now some secrets about which you have not heard, even if you visited this place!

1.Two Harrison Ford stars
There are two stars for 2 different actors with the same name. The second one about whom you probably did not know is a star of silent films.
2.Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s name misspelled
The star’s last name was misspelled as ‘Luis-Dreyfus’.
3-sylvester-stallone3.Stallone’s mistake
Sylvester Stallone misspelled his name by accident while signing the wet cement. He forgot about a ‘t’. Fortunately for him, it was added later.
4.The next stars
The next stars from the Walk of Fame will be honored to Bradley Cooper, Quentin Tarantino, Kevin Hart, Rob Lowe and Michael Keaton.
5.One-word names
There are 13 stars that contain just one word. Among them are Sting, Shakira, Houdini, Thalia and others.

The original Munchkins from the 1939 movie classic The Wizard of Oz receive the 2,3552nd star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
The original Munchkins from the 1939 movie classic The Wizard of Oz receive the 2,3552nd star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Munchkins are the most numerous single star group of the Walk, being formed of 122 adults and 12 children.
7-thomas-edison7.Thomas Edison’s star
Yes, even Thomas Edison has a star. Probably you did not know that many inventors have their star like the movie stars.
8-olsen-twins.8.Olsen Twins
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen received their star at the age of 18. They were the youngest honorees of the star.
9-jim-henson-and-shari-lewis9.Puppeteers on the Walk
Jim Henson and Shari Lewis are the only puppeteers with stars.

Have you ever wondered that your favorite makeup artist could be a Man?


Do you think that makeup is something which just ladies could deal with? Well, we can easily demonstrate to you that it is not so and that makeup application is just pure technique that can be learnt by everybody.
But these men are not only good learners, they are true talents who know how to combine the cosmetic products to transform themselves or their clients in real queens, becoming over time renowned professionals in their area of activity.
So, here are some of the “bearded ladies” whose makeup tips you could follow:
1.Aiden (follow Aiden’s Empire on Instagram) – A pro freelance makeup artist who is followed by over 15 thousand fans.
2.Jacob (follow AndThatsJacob on Instagram) – a male beauty/makeup vlogger from Australia who comes with new beauty-related stuff every Wednesday and Sunday.
3.Brandon Nitti (follow Brandon on Instagram) – Another professional who provides the latest news in makeup every Thursday and Sunday.
4.Adam (follow Adam on Instagram) – I bet you would like to know even a tiny part about makeup as this guy knows!
5.Jose (follow Jose on Instagram) – if you are a fan of everything that glitters, then it is a MUST for you to follow the work of this makeup artist!
6.James Charles (follow James on Instagram) – a pretty young makeup artist from New York who creates miracles while doing glam looks.
7.Ryan Potter (follow Ryan on Instagram) – Ryan is quite new in this niche, but he is gaining popularity rapidly, because every brush becomes a magic wand in his hands.

These boys have added a new fresh touch to makeup industry. Find out more of them and be in vogue for every occasion.

How would you react if you see you man one morning like this?


To attract people and to stay on highlight on Instagram and other social networks, men have invented something quite different – glittered beard. This style consists in covering the surface of the beard and/or eyebrows and/or hair with much glitter.
The first who came up with this creative idea was a pair, Brian and Jonathan from Portland Oregon, posting some photos on their Instagram called “The Gay Beards”. They explain this as a trend that makes men’s beard look charming.

After they gained popularity, they decided to make a tutorial to show how to make to look your beard like that.
The process is really simple. You can choose glitter of any color you like and just waste it all on the surface of the beard. The result is a colorful beard that loads your appearance with a lot of life and joy.

Some people seem to enjoy this new trend and they even try to follow it, but some think that this time fashion has gone too far.
glitter-beardThese sparkling things are transforming your facial hair into a Christmas accessory which can be matched with the color of your clothes. It looks that people are having fun and they are trying to introduce something extravagant in their lives.

Find out the celebrities who act rude to their fans


The majority of us have an idol and of course we all dream to meet them. Some of the fans were lucky and met their favorite stars in various places like a restaurant or even in the street. Most of the experiences were pleasant. But some of the reviews on the social media networks are negative. Unfortunately, they tell about how rude the celebrities were to their fans. Here are some of the celebs who proved to be rude to the ones who support them.

sandra-bullock-yelled-at-a-fan-of-hers1.Sandra Bullock yelled at a fan of hers who was bound to wheelchair and who wanted an autograph, while she was participating at the “The Heat” filming.

britney-spears-asked-from-her-fans-2-500-for-a-meeting-with-her2.Britney Spears asked from her fans $2.500 for a meeting with her. The meeting was very short, there were not allowed hugs or any other touches and no gifts from fans were accepted.

justin-bieber-is-known-to-often-refuse-to-sign-autographs3.Justin Bieber is known to often refuse to sign autographs. Once, he even stuck a fan’s mobile down his pants.

4.The diva Jennifer Lopez asked for a maid to be fired because she asked the singer’s autograph.

justin-timberlake5.Justin Timberlake usually offers autographs when asked to, but he was not once observed to roll eyes when signing.

leonardo-di-caprio6.Leonardo Di Caprio is the actor who never take photos with his fans and offers autographs just for money.

51654699 Reality star Kim Kardashian leaving her apartment in New York City, New York on February 15, 2015. Kim and her husband Kanye West had to celebrate Valentine's Day late last night because of their busy schedule during NY Fashion Week. FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (818) 307-4813
Reality star Kim Kardashian leaving her apartment in New York City, New York on February 15, 2015. Kim and her husband Kanye West had to celebrate Valentine’s Day late last night because of their busy schedule during NY Fashion Week. FameFlynet, Inc – Beverly Hills, CA, USA

7.Another star that refuses to take photos with fans is Kim Kardashian. Moreover, she called her fans “pathetic nobodies”.

If they seem to be so rude to us, their fans, then why do we still support them?

Films whose outcome you couldn’t guess


In this article, we are coming to tell you the name of some movies that have a surprising final and an unexpected turn of the plot.

A woman goes to the police with a statement about the loss of her son. Soon, the police find the child and return to his mother. But she says that this boy is very similar to her son, but it is not hers.

a-perfect-murderA Perfect Murder
The businessman Steven Taylor discovers that his wife, Emily, has a secret lover named David, an unknown artist. Steven notices that David is a marriage swindler. Then he comes up with a plan: to offer a reward to the “artist” for killing Emily.

Ne le dis à personne
A story about Margot, the wife of Doctor Alex Beck, that was murdered. The killer was found, but he denied his guilt. After an investigation, the police found two bodies. In the pocket of a dead was found the key to the Margot’s bank cell. At the same time, on Margot’s husband comes an email from the deceased wife.

During a flight, the six-year-old Julia disappears. Julia’s mother asks for help, but it appears that the ticket on the behalf of Julia hadn’t been registered.

the-boy-in-the-striped-pyjamasThe Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
The eight-year-old son of the commandant of a concentration camp met with one of his hostages – a Jewish boy. The children communicated through thorny fence, but imagine to what could bring up this friendship.

Famous chefs use THESE tricks to make the food taste better


Those who like to cook for sure have lots of small secrets that transform simple meals into perfectness. However, famous chefs always have tips more than oysters in the sea.
We have gathered for you several tricks used by the senseis of Culinary Arts.
1.If you want rice to be white as snow, while boiling add a little bit of vinegar.
2.If you want to add a spicy note of garlic to your dish, grate a garlic clove on the plate, remove then the garlic and put on the plate the side dish.
3.If you would like to give a new taste to the marinade for meat, add to it some dark beer, or a combination of light beer with soy sauce, salt and pepper. Also, you could add beer to vegetable stew, including to boiled potatoes.
4.Liver should be salted only at the end of cooking, otherwise it will become hard to chew.
5.Cover the top of the pie with a wet sheet of paper, it not to burn.
6.If you will put an ice cube into your broth and will boil it, the broth will be more transparent.
7.To cut easily into slices a hard-boiled egg, wet the blade of the knife with cold water: thus the yolk will not crumble.
8.The beans will not get darker, if while boiling you will cover the saucepan with a lid.

Do you want to know how ancient women felt with the makeup from those times?


Have you ever wondered why Cleopatra was so popular among men and cats? Probably, the answer was hidden in the natural makeup which she was using. Several girls experimented some kinds of makeup rituals to show us how ancient women were applying the makeup in those times.

The first thing to mention is that makeup then was not coming in a grand variety of shades.

Also, the ladies applied a mask made out from honey and milk, as it is known that Cleopatra was taking honey-and-milk baths for beauty. Well, the result was rather sticky, the skin being similar to a “used bandaid”.

Lead cream and chalk, used for lightening complexions, proved to be messy as well.

Then, the girls tried some crushed blackberries on their faces, in particularly on cheeks. The berries were difficult to blend and the resulted puree dries fast but, although there were some practicality issues, in general, the women felt that this product at least looked like blush. The conclusion was that it looked especially gorgeous on dark skin.

The last touch was the use of kohl to line eyes and brows, which added too much thickness, so that you could not tell that your eyebrow is a fine line.

The whole “ancient beauty” experience was perfectly described in one sentence: It’s like trying to do the crossword with a pan.